The River’s Memory

Sandra Gail Lambert has an ear for the poetry of voices, the music of land, and the roar of history.”  Tayari Jones

Here are stories from the boneyard of the Florida peninsula, digging deep and calling out old spirits . . .”  Janisse Ray

The writing – over and over again – is beautiful, transcendent, and engaging.”  Connie May Fowler 

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Called “a simply outstanding novel” by the Midwest Book Review and “revelatory of women’s lives” by Booklist, Sandra Gail Lambert’s The River’s Memory (Twisted Road) is available from your local bookstore as well as in both print and e-book editions from online retailers.



The River’s Memory – 

“A woman born without legs spends her days swimming with manatees. Two artists, separated by centuries, guide each other’s hands. And a child of the Florida frontier sits on the graves of her siblings to think about race relations and the habits of caterpillars.

These are some of the women who live along the banks of a river where water billows from caverns of silent lakes. None of them are famous. None have children.

Instead, their stories exist in a mosaic of time and shadowed history, and the things of the river–clay and water, trees and bone–carry their memories forward.”

The River's Memory - Cover

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Peter Carolin, an artist located in Gainesville, Florida, painted this image. Much to our great and continuing joy, he allowed us to use it for the cover of The River’s Memory.  

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