End of the Year Submission Tally—2016

December 19, 2016


For your encouragement (or perhaps the opposite), here are my publication statistics for the year. Sure there are a few more days and I have submissions pending, but please, you hard working editors of journals and presses, don’t be spending time scrolling down your computer screen this hard end of a hard year.

Out of 78 submissions, 52 were rejections, 14 were acceptances, and 11 are pending.

I applied to five residencies and all were rejected, although I was first alternate for two of them. (Sheesh)

The fastest response: I sent a review out to two places and one of them rejected it the same day and the other accepted it in five days.

One essay was rejected by 18 places before The Southern Review accepted it.

One essay received a Pushcart Nomination

$461—money spent on contests and submissions

$135—money earned

Full (sort of) disclosure: I’ve also been sending out my memoir manuscript to agents and publishers this year, but I’m not including any stats about that. For me, from my experience with my novel, the story of rejections and lost hopes and the roller-coaster emotions of being a finalist is such a sad one and best kept private. It isn’t until the book is published that it all becomes a triumphant tale of perseverance and fortitude. I’m holding out for that story.

Speaking of needing fortitude, Happy Friggin’ New Year everyone. 

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