September 6, 2016

HQ WatercolorOn Saturday, September 10th,from 10am until noon, I’ll be part of the Alachua County Downtown Library’s “Showcase of Local Authors.” We’ll be up in Rotunda discussing, signing, and selling our books.

A big room with authors sitting at tables with their books—attending this type of event is such a good opportunity for avid readers and all sorts of writers (often one in the same). Some twenty years ago when I was just getting serious about writing, a similar event took place here in Gainesville. I went from table to table and talked with the authors, bought books, and had loads of fun.

There were famous ones and ones just getting started. Some were self-published, some had big-deal publishers. I didn’t care. I remember how excited I was. That’s where I first met Shelley Fraser Mickle and we chatted and she kindly asked about my work and we found out we’d both had polio as kids and were writing about that. It made me feel like a real writer.

And now I get to be one of those authors sitting at a table with her writings. I hope I can be as welcoming as so many of those authors were to me. Come visit with us on Saturday. Ask us anything and everything.

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