Kayaking facebook cover photoSandra Gail Lambert writes fiction and memoir that is often about the body and its relationship to the natural world. She is a 2018 NEA Creative Writing Fellow, and her memoir, A Certain Loneliness, will be published by the University of Nebraska Press in 2018. 

Excerpts from her debut novel, The River’s Memory (Twisted Road/2014),have won prizes from Big Fiction Magazine and the Saints and Sinners Short Fiction Contest. Her writing has also appeared in a variety of other journals and anthologies including The Southern ReviewBrevity, the North American ReviewNew Letters and Women’s Best Travel Writing, Vol. 11. Her work has received Pushcart nominations, and her essay “The Last Period” is a “Best of the Net” finalist. She is also co-editor, along with Sarah Einstein, of the anthology Older Queer Voices: The Intimacy of Survival.    

Sandra lives with her partner in Gainesville, Florida—a home base for trips to her beloved rivers and marshes.  

She grew up a military brat which meant she lived a lot of places, but most of her childhood, except for a stint at the Warm Springs Polio Foundation, was spent in Norway.  

Sandra has always believed in books. She’d sneak the latest Nancy Drew open inside her elementary school math texts (which explains her shaky division skills), read through whole libraries, and ended up running a feminist bookstore for the most of a decade.  

It wasn’t until Sandra was well into her forties that she thought of herself as writer.  At age sixty-two, her debut novel The River’s Memory (Twisted Road/2014) was published and at sixty-six her memoir is due to “hit the shelves.” Those years from that decision to get serious about writing until today are a story, for sure.  

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